Support (A-Z)

Last updated: March 2019

As part of the MoneyTrail project, Free Press Unlimited has established a Technical Support Desk that participants can reach out to for digital security-related advice and support, by writing to:


Digital Defenders Partnership (DDP)

WHAT: Funding that addresses digital emergency situations (Incidental Emergency Grants which offers up to €10,000), as well as longer-term challenges (Sustainable Emergency Grants which offers up to €50,000).

FOR WHOM: Human rights defenders under digital attack.

Free Press Unlimited’s Reporters Respond

WHAT: Emergency fund for journalists managed by Free Press Unlimited.

FOR WHOM: Meant to help journalists who have been confronted with vandalism or intimidations get started again as soon as possible.

Frontline Defenders’ Protection Grants

WHAT: Grants designed to improve the overall security and protection of human rights defenders and their organisations.

FOR WHOM: Human rights defenders at risk.


WHAT: Administered by Free Press Unlimited, the Legal Defense Fund offers financial support to journalists and media organisations facing prosecution or imprisonment.

FOR WHOM: Journalists, media workers, and media organisations who are at legal risk because of their profession and are unable to afford a lawyer or trial costs.

WHAT THE FUND COVERS: 1) Basic legal support (up to €5,000), including, for example, lawyer fees and other legal costs. 2) Limited support to partner and family. 3) Public or impact litigation grants.



Safety For Journalists Programmes at FPU (PDF)

WHAT: Free Press Unlimited (FPU) aims to support and help protect media workers and journalists around the world who are facing an increasing amount of threats because of their work. To achieve this, FPU offers various training and support programmes that address diferent aspects of their safety: physical, digital, psychosocial and legal.



Access Now Digital Security Helpline

WHAT: Online security helpline that works with individuals and organizations

FOR WHOM: If you’re at risk, the helpline offers to help you improve your digital security practices. If you’re already under attack, the helpline staff provides rapid-response emergency assistance.



WHAT: Holistic digital security support, including secure website hosting for 24 months, tailored security audit, digital forensics analysis in case of a digital attack against your website or email, deployment of circumvention measures in case of blocking of your website and a 9-month long mentorship for 1 to 2 members of your organization.

FOR WHOM: Investigative journalists, independent media, human rights organizations and activists working in Internet repressive regimes. Priority is given to organizations that have been targets of digital attacks in the past, and “have a substantial readership in their respective country.”

ENROLLMENT PERIOD: During 2019-2020, a total of 20 organizations will be enrolled to the IGLOO program on an ongoing basis.